0094: Zon's Chinese New Year Film Festival 2009

Exactly, I got a really bad habit that I like to prepare a number of mv and watch them during a vacation... Because of my itinerary design and the whole website re-set, I watched only 20 movies this chinese new year... however, I was a bit of depressed that I could not meet anything special or cool...

Fortunately, I still met something cool at the end of my film festival... the interesting point is... most of these movies r published before ten years... such as SPEED (1994), Pushing Hands(1992) and the Last Emperor (1989).... Just let me share some short comments about these lovely movies ^^"

01. the Last Emperor (1989) I knew this mv, of course, Ive ever watched this film with my dad when I was a child. However, I really had no idea what it is ... because I was asleep... Now, I watched this mv again and felt the deeply sorrow of the last emperor... It is also my favorite mv in this film festival...

02. Pusning Hands (1992):Taiwanese need heroes, the pitcher, Wang is the most popular hero now. Ang Lee is another one, a famous TW director... Pushing Hands, Eat Drink Man Woman and Brokeback Mountain all got lots of awards... However, I did not watch his early representative work - Pushing Hands before... Now, I met it and love it!!!

03. SPEED (1994):A common hollywood style mv... as I am a Keanu Reeves's fan... I had not watched this classic mv before... During my Tokyo trip, I watched the end of this mv at my final day in tokyo... so I tried to seek for this mv for my film festival... a pretty cool mv, I like it ^^"

04. Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona (2008):Well, in short, I guess this popular mv must attract many ladies - they like freedom, travel and romantic love story in european countries....such as Paris, Rome and ... Barcelona. I have no any special comment about characters' relationship... because I believe that ppl can do anything they like if they did not hurt others... or they may hurt sone, but they find a tricky way to cover their mistakes...


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